The Megan S. Ott Foundation is the remarkable vision of Megan Snyder Ott, a native of Noblesville, Indiana. 

While she has not been with us to see the good works it has provided, it would not exist without her. 

Megan quickly understood breast cancer doesn’t attack just the individual. It reaches the heart of parents, siblings, extended family, and friends.  It is a daily battle for an entire family, especially a spouse and children.  Megan wanted to help these families ease some of this burden so they could focus on healing.  Knowing firsthand the difficult, emotional, physical and mental anguish of fighting breast cancer Megan envisioned an organization that helps families not only survive but to thrive during the days of battle. 
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Megan and Tom OttMegan and Tom Ott founded the Megan S. Ott Foundation in March 2010, one month before Megan passed away from breast cancer. 

The Megan S. Ott Foundation provides immediate personalized assistance to local recipients fighting the day to day battle of breast cancer.

We build personal and supportive relationships with our recipients. From the very beginning of our journey with these families we recognize their strength and honor their courage sharing the vision that Megan inspired. We recognize every family has their own battle and their own struggles, so we customize the support to the individual needs of our recipients.
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As our recipients face their toughest days and their toughest battles with breast cancer, our number one priority is to bring as much joy, happiness and laughter into their lives as possible.
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The number one priority of the Megan S. Ott Foundation is to bring as much joy, happiness and laughter into the lives of the families we support.

Megan Snyder Ott , Founder