The Foundation’s day-to-day operations run smoothly because of the hard work of our volunteers.

Our dedicated team handles everything from meeting with recipients to working on fundraising events. Many of these volunteers were personally asked by Megan to help with the foundation. We could not do our work without them.

Julie Ashby*

Betsy Baker

Amy Broom

Emily Brown

Brooke Burtnett

Pam Cammack

Michael Carnahan

Lynn Cook

Stacy Costa*

Lindsay Davis

Krista Deese

Kim DeMasie*

Stacy Fogg

Susan Gernhardt

Kelly Glander

Jill Golightly*

Kathryn Guerra

April Guiden*

Cari Hahn*

Angie Hall*

Sherry Hamner

Monica Harsnett

Richard Harsnett

Arleen Haselhorst

Jennifer Havely

Heather Hendrich

Amy Hilton

Lisa Rae Hodge

Ronda Hurst

Linda Illyes

Nichole Keserich

Jeffrey Lawson

Melissa Lawson

Pam Lehman

Debbie Lewis

Amie Lieurance*

Lisa Linn

Debra Majeski

Michelle McGovern*

Joy Monke

Kyle Monke

Kimberlee Murray

Jane Nee

Courtney Nichols*

Becky Porter

Natalie Postma*

Sandy Reifeis*

Megan Schlueter

Lyndsay Sheridan

Diane Slain

Vicki Smith

Jane Snyder

Mary Anne Streich

Melody Syck*

Cathy Thieman

Jill Trent

Dora Trittipo*

Matt Tubergen

Rebecca Tubergen

Jeffrey Walters

Joanne Walters

Robin Ward

Lisa Watts*

Angela White*

* foundation recipients now active in the daily workings of the foundation

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller